Online LMS Quadam | Learning Management System Cloud | Elearning Platform

Quadam features

Multimedia content

Video lessons followed by activities to check your understanding.

With classmates

Continuous interaction with your course teacher and fellow students.

Practical courses

Learn to solve real-life problems in discussion forums.

Online certificate

Students successfully completing a course will receive a Certificate of Achievement.

Multiple access

Access the course as often as you wish, without set times and from any device.


If, during the first 7 days, you don't like the course, we will refund the full amount.

Quadam Mobile
Access your courses from Mobile

You can use this app to easily access your Quadam courses, check new messages, talk to other students and view classes and discussion forums.

Quadam Teacher
Create content for your courses

Quadam Teacher is a free tool used to create instructional videos. Transform your iPad into an interactive whiteboard to record your audio commentary while you draw on or point at it.

iPad app on App Store   Quadam Teacher